I’m Back, or Am I? (day 6)

Let the show begin.

Been quite a while since I wrote. What is there to write about? Should I write about how I’m struggling to get a government seat for my Med school? Should I write about how worthless is this undergraduate degree which these people want millions of rupees together? Should I write about how the one subject I wanted to pursue to study in, became the reason for my downfall? Should I write about how unaware of myself am I?

I don’t even know what’s going on in my head right now.

Should I speak? To whom? Will anyone listen? Nope. Will….. what’s the point to create an extempore out of nothing? No point to ask unanswerable questions.

Let me wait for some more time and see if anything brightens my life up.

<after 29 minutes>

Okay, now I feel sick.

What’s the point of watching YouTube videos and get inspired to do something you’re not even allowed to do? Why does every experiment require a prior permission? I don’t deserve this.

I don’t deserve what’s going on right now… I know I don’t. I don’t want to think more about it and worsen things which are already worse than ever.

‘night Dear diary.

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