The Wrong Book

I was reading this story which the whole world was reading and following. It was not like any ordinary story which usually people read. It was different. It was hard to understand it. Was hard to comprehend and predict what would come next. Well maybe you think that’s the main part of the story, but believe me, this story was not easy going. Every page had its own role in it, every paragraph was supposed to be remembered by the reader, every chapter had its own level of understanding.

Many people were reading it just because they had to, many people followed the crowd and bought it just for the sake of having it, without realizing the fact that sooner or later they will have to read it. Many started reading it, but left it and bought another just because maybe they had in mind to read some other book. I bought this book just to gain the knowledge.

I always wanted to read that story because I liked the plot and considered that it would help me write my own. I wanted to write my own story. In the beginning it seemed to be easy going but eventually the twists and turns it brought made me stumble at places where I couldn’t understand the part. While reading this one, I thought of giving a kick-start to my story too. And so I did. But soon, the pressure to handle the given story as well as writing my story, it was getting out of the way. I was nowhere. So I thought of giving my story a hault, and focusing on this book. So I continued to read it. But there were certain chapters where I felt uncomfortable and I didn’t wish to read them,  so I skipped a few pages. But as I said, every part was important for the final test of that book. I ran out of thought, I tended to forget the previous parts which worsened the situation. Plus the pressure of everybody else reading it faster than me. But I sure was great at some interesting chapters of the first half. After finishing half of the story, I considered giving a look at those missed chapters once so that I am at least aware of the facts that happened in that part of the story. So I did. But everybody else was already ahead of me studying the next chapter. I took help from someone to make me understand them better and faster. But those uninteresting chapters consumed most of my time, and eventually I could not give enough time to those interesting chapters where I majored. I fell apart. I was helpless. I was distracted.

But then I made some things clear about my priorities of what needs to be done when it needs to be done. I was clear in my vision. But somewhere within me a voice tried to speak to me and tell me to stop reading this book and start writing your own. But i was scared of confessing- what will my closest people say, or will they appreciate of what I want to write? It always bites me everyday to make me realize of what I’m doing and what I should do.

Now I have finished almost the entire book, not so perfectly, but the plot of my book is clear and crisp and is ready to flow out of my pen ink. I’m stuck at this page where I’m in oblivion, I’m shattered and I’m hopeless of what that story has for me in the next page. I’m tired of reading it, afraid of turning to the next leaf but I want to know whats up in the next chapter. But at the same time it makes me feel stressed about reading this book, or buying it, but I had no choice.

Did I choose the wrong book? Are you there in the same position as I am? Don’t wait for the time to come, if you want to write your own story.



  1. Its is a very good motivational short story in which the writer motivates us to not follow the society and incourage us to do what we most likely to do. I m proud that he is my friend. Thnks harsh for giving such a nice msg to every body.


  2. I’m pretty sure most of us all this question, to ourselves.
    Bust being myself an optimist I can just tip you to hope and tell others to do so ,cause “it is darkest, before dawn”.
    So just wait for your time , because it has to come.🖖


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