Waiting for The Sunrise

It’s quite dark right now. Pitch darkness, and im not able to see or feel anything but myself. It’s hard to find the right path when you are walking during this time. Dont walk much, take a break and wait for the sunrise.

I see the moon rising, hoping it would guide me and help me walk, but it’s dimness dominates over that little ray of hope. Yes, there were times when there was a full moon, but the most unfortunate part was when the darkest clouds accumulated over you and blocked that shine of the moon. Worse still? Obviously it resulted in rain. That heavy rain, though wiped away the impurities, but also helped to hide away the tears of failure, discomfort and unsatisfaction.

Clouds are really an unpredictable phenomenon which suddenly, unexpectedly surround you and block you from the light by their darkest shade. When even that full moon doesn’t help, you expect some ray from that gibbous night, but eventually it turned out to be the night of new moon. Pitch darkness again.

I see the stars shining brightly in the sky, but that amount of light is of no use. Maybe those stars are making fun of me, them having the light but not me.

I followed the voices which called me, the voices which i trusted and listened to blindly. The voices which started taking my desperation for granted and which started to misguide me. No matter what, I have to walk on alone without that source. I might stumble on the way, I might fall, I might be blocked by a wall, or be trapped in a tunnel where it was hard to find the other side.

As I feared, I fell in the hole. A hole deep under the ground where I found no help to get out. I shouted, I screamed at the top of my voice, I cried, I tried to climb up, but all I got was soar throat and bruises on my arm. I never expected myself to be in such a situation, so I never prepared myself to face it. Maybe, this hole was trying to tell me to stop for a while.

And here i am now, sitting inside the whole, tired and alone, in the darkness, waiting for the sun to rise because i know. The sun will rise and it will shine brightly, that it’s lusture would wipe away all the difficulties and would get me out of this whole. The Sun will help me get back on my road and would make me prepared for my next journey.

Yes, the Sun will rise brightly. But when?


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