Dont worry, it Will Dry Out

So what it may take some time,

But don’t worry, It will soon dry out.


You might be stopped, you might be blocked. You might be disapproved on your thought. Never consider what others say. Yeah, it may hurt you, but don’t worry, it will dry out.

It may either fade your ink away, or it may want you to write it again. Never give up by shedding it. If you have it in you, you will conquer it and the world will applaud your courage. Remember to blot it away, it will dry out.

Dont make that shed rule you. Dont make it dominate your will-power. You are sent by God for a reason. To dominate your dreams. To dominate in what you believe in. Always remember, there will always be a war for you to win, take your sword out and fight. Never back down. Dont let the shed smudge your ink, it might not dry out.

There will be a hundred disapproving before you begin, but a million following when you begin. Success is a word which makes you feel accomplished, but never forget where you came from. Always keep that ruined paper in your pocket, and sometimes get reminded of this stain.

Help others repair their sheet. They might have a worse condition than yours. Always remember to be a pillar for the one in need. He might be there for you when you shed that water on your work again.

Think of it again and again. Are you doing what you are told to you,or you are doing according to what you tell yourself. Don’t care even if you are beated to death for something which you are not passionate about. Do what you are born to do. Make sure the word you wrote is correct. If you dont correct it sooner, the stain won’t dry out.

Either you will be used to the fact that you are expected to do what you are told to do, or you set free and do something which requires you more than anybody in this world. Even if you forget about this paper, it will stay with you. As a regret. As a guilt. That stain will spread till your soul. You may or may not be able to clean that stain, but be sure of one thing. It will dry out.



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