The Gentleman with The Offer


Just sitting casually inside in front of the warmth of the heater, sipping hot chocolate and wondering what good have i done to deserve this comfort. The real deserving ones are those sitting under the roof of the aisle in the market Square, hoping to see the next morning. I wonder if they must be having at least a sheet to cover themselves during this time of the year.

Once i was visiting the temple and saw few people sitting on the footpath, begging for food. I saw a man among them, looking as ghastly as one could look. Long nails, undone hair, torn clothes and i saw he used a wheelchair to commute. I asked him what is he doing here. He replied, “This is where i get some food to eat because i was thrown out of my house by my family.” when i asked him the reason for it, he told me that he lost his leg in an accident while coming back home from work. His family had to pay for his treatment so they decided to rather cut it off, than to get it fixed. They were so annoyed by this act of their son, that they decided to disown him and to throw him out of the house. He was a salesman, whose job was to commute regularly. But after the incident, he was fired and was never entertained in the office. “So i have to adjust here according to what I get, at least i can live with it.”

” But why did you chose begging? ” I asked him.”Nobody would accept me. I tried to get a sitting job but no one would hire a disabled man. I can do anything to get myself a job. (starts to speak in English) I have great technical and computer knowledge and I can work for any job. I just want a job.” I was shocked to see him speak, but got emotional on seeing his passion to get back up and move ahead. It was getting too late so i winded up the conversation promising him that I will be back with a great job offer. He asked me “when? I don’t know if i will be alive tomorrow.  If i don’t get food i will die and no one will ever know. You will always see me here”


3 months passed away and I got too busy with my studies and class schedule that i forgot what I promised. One day i recalled that i had promised the specially abled man a great job offer. I asked my father for a job of a computer engineer for a sitting job,  and a week later he told me he wanted one. I rushed to the temple to inform the man about the offer. It was raining so heavily that i was totally soaked the moment i left the house. Without care, I ran and ran. When i reached the temple, i could see any sign of him. I saw a group of beggars under the tree taking protection and asked one of them if they had seen a man on a wheelchair sitting by the footpath. A young boy came to me and gave me a paper, saying “He left this paper for you” I opened it and in neat cursive language, was written “Too late…”

The girl sitting beside the boy told me that he passed away 2 months ago, and the hospital van came to drop off this paper addressed to “The gentleman with the offer”.

Never did I think that there are people who can’t even afford to eat, but could afford to dream big. Never did I think the ones who went barefoot on a winter night could dream of wearing shoes. Never did I think the ones who slept outside shops are the real ones dreaming for a house to live in. Was it just me, or was it you too? Or was it our disability to see the other side of the coin?

Truly, such people are specially-abled. The disabled are us, the ones who can’t see the plight of the kids roaming about on the roads. Disabled are us, who cant hear their cries and prayers to eat just a small little piece of bread for the night.

Let us all stop speaking about it, and lets start acting. Help an underprivileged individual grow up to be a responsible one. Help one and you yourself will feel the fulfillment of doing something for the ones who deserve.

Thanks for reading this blog, I hope it could bring some sense of positivity in your mind either to work hard, or at least let others achieve their goals. I really want to do something for the poor and this isn’t just words. My projects begin in April 2017 and i want to join hands with as many of you as i can. I want this year to be the year of empowerment, not just for women point of view, but an overall development. Let us all unite as one and make a better tomorrow. It is simply in our hands to build our future. Lets do it in a good way.

Comment below your views and Email me at to join.



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