1 + 0 = 2 |Harsh Trehan|

“Look at that weirdo, that person is totally alone and talking to himself. I bet he must be Schizophrenic.”

“Hamlet is far from alone when he makes his speech because Ophelia is pretending to read while she waits for Hamlet to notice her, and Claudius and Polonius, who have sent Ophelia there in order to overhear their conversation and find out if Hamlet is really mad or only pretending, are hiding behind an arras.”

Try as hard as you can, Hamlet will not be able to open up to you until you see him as mentally ill. What he feels, his reality, mentality, the reasons, they all will be hidden under the tapestry. Have a different perspective of looking people, and people will love you for it.

Ever heard of Borderline Personality Disorder? If not, the term might as well be self explanatory. Not got it yet? Well, let me paint you a picture. You visit the Town Park everyday. One day you see a person sitting on the bench, murmuring to himself/herself. He is deep in thought with himself, and might be wondering how beautiful is nature, by gazing towards the woods. There might be a chance that he/she is under stress. This person might be suicidal, maybe because of some emptiness in his/her life. Or maybe he/she moved thousands of miles away from their family trying to earn a living, but every face he sees seems new. Maybe this person feels uncomfortable seeing you judge him in front of your friends, he being alone, making the situation worse.

Now, agreeing to the fact that you are judgmental enough to make the other person doubt their living, dig deep and look back to the time when you were sitting on that bench. Never sat their before? Too proud? Then be prepared to be thrown on one. This world ain’t no happy place for none.

So, what to do of this kind of an obstacle? The only solution is- jump over it. Instead of talking about such people, consider what you can do.

Whenever alone, never feel alone.

That’s the thing with loneliness, it makes us run into the arms of people we know we shouldn’t be with.

Instead of looking for a body to become your shadow, consider the one which actually follows you. Just like the shadow, even that person won’t give you a shoulder to cry on. No need of a support system to provide you with fake flattery. Even the magic mirror lied to the queen about her fairness.

Whenever the moon turns dark at your horizon, always consider its bright side. Dig deep, and explore yourself. I’m pretty sure something will be found worth your living. There will always be a time when someone passing you on the driveway will overtake you, laughing at your pace. Don’t worry, go slow. There are greater chances of wreckage when you drive fast, that too in today’s time of endless traffic.

The day you discover yourself in this world, you will find the ultimate support system you were always looking for. Pat on your back for achieving something real and worth fighting for, not on achieving mere digits.

The best place in the world is in the arms of someone who will not only hold you at your best, but will pick you up and will hug you tight at your weakest moment.

Consider this person as yourself.

You will laugh at the time when you used to be mad at that person who would always give you a cold shoulder, still making you believe they cared for you. Love yourself, and you will never be in doubt of your true love.

I could say “I’m fine” in front of you with tears in my eyes and you would still believe I was.

Make yourself, your own company. Be your own inspiration. Be the best person you have ever known.

We might be the master of our own thoughts, still we are the slaves of our own emotions…


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