S01E01- Trying to Figure Out |Dear Diary|

Dear Diary,

Hi! Welcome to my daily blogs where I will be trying to share my viewpoint of the world and how I am surviving every day without backing out. Backing out from what, you might wonder. From life.

Honestly, I have no idea what I am writing right now, but I want to. so I have appointed my heart to do this work, just like I did about 10 months ago- the first day i published my blog. Well, the first night. That night was one of those nights i will always remember. Anyway, I’m not gonna bother anyone by recollecting about that time. It was a bad bad time where i would never ever want to go.

I am one of those “Textroverts”, who are good at speaking, but their reality comes out from what they write. I have always felt more comfortable while writing than speaking, one of the reasons why i started daily blogging instead of vlogging on YouTube. I might as well start that too. I never thought that I would be writing blogs one day, so who knows i may become comfortable speaking to a camera the entire day. Nobody has seen tomorrow.

This blog may or may not have any meaning behind or might just waste your time. I don’t know. But it is just the beginning of jotting down my daily shit and maybe helping someone among you readers, helping in some way or the other, live their day. I can’t be bored all day and do nothing. I just can’t. Maybe that’s a good part of me staying active, or rather trying to stay active for the most of the day.

Since the last two years I realized that I am at my maximum potential at night. I also love to see the sunrise. But my parents always tell me that a good night’s sleep is very important for a good health. Hence ever since I got free from my college entrances, i started sleeping early. It’s not easy at first. But I’m slowly catching up with a regular schedule of a proper 6-hour sleep.

Does this entire blog sound dumb? Hahah, maybe I’m going on the right track then. I guess that is it for the blog today. Nothing funny though. Wow it just started raining. Something i love more than any weather.

I will see you tomorrow, dear diary.



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