S01E03: A Real Inspiration|Dear Diary|

They all try to look the same,
All try to give themselves a name.
Pick on the boy who is all alone
Just because his identity is his own
What has this world come to?
All this wrong that people do,
Just for the image they want to show.
Down the evil path they seem to go.

Let the show begin.

Song of the Day: Imagine Dragons- Believer

Suggestion: Listen to this song. By listening, I mean listen to the words. The message it spreads. It’s wonderful.

Dear Diary,

Last night, before bedtime, I was on YouTube listening to some violin music. I love a good violin music. It is so damn calming and peaceful! So yeah, I made myself thorough with the fact that I have to wake up early today and so I must be asleep soon. Not more than 5 minutes on YouTube. Every single human knows 5 minutes on YouTube means at least an hour in real time… I was listening to Lindsey Stirling’s Hallelujah music which she played in a metro substation. The Super wonderful talent that lady has got! Check it out!


While watching this video, I suddenly recollected that her documentary has been released and I had yet to watch it. So I searched for “Brave Enough” on some websites if the movie was available. Instead of the link for Lindsey’s movie, another film came in the search results. “A Brave Heart”. Genre- Documentary, Biography, family. The Lizzie Velasquez Story.


I saw her the first time on WeDay 2017 California Event. She was with Lilly Singh. Ever since I saw her, I always wanted to know what deformity she suffered. Why is she like that? Why not normal? This was a chance I could know about her, her movie. So I started watching it. Her parents claimed that Lizzie as a fetus was a normal baby the whole time during the pregnancy. When Lizzie was conceived, the doctors were speechless and said that they had never seen such a baby. Her head was bigger than normal, the skin was loose, and it came out that she wasn’t able to gain any weight.

The best part is that her parents never considered as an abnormal baby. They never thought “what to do now”, instead all they wanted was to take the little angel to her home. She was raised like any other child, due to the fact that she started believing that everyone looked like her, and all this is normal. Nobody in primary school would converse with her. She was always left alone. But her high school period was a changing point in her life. When she was in high school, one afternoon she was supposed to do homework, but instead, she went on YouTube for a while. There on the homepage, she saw a video in the trending list. It names “The world’s Ugliest Woman”.

At this point in the movie, my heart sunk. If I felt that way, imagine how terrifying it would have been for her. She told her parents about it. She read the comments on that video. I better not mention them here, The link to the movie is down below. I say, better watch it than hear it from me. It is worth a watch.

I always knew there exist haters on YouTube, and all YouTubers have to accept the fact and move on and believe in their own content. But I never knew how to mean this world can get. One single mistake can question the other person’s living. I cannot even imagine how dead she would be feeling from within when she saw all this. How she came out of this depression, how she conquered this fear and how she blew people’s minds off from that TEDx talk, is astounding. All I want to say about her is that she has a real story. A real reason and a real problem which she conquered.

Bullying someone is one thing one should never even think of attempting, irrespective if they were “just trying to have some fun”, or it was purposely, online or offline. Cyberbullying in today’s society has become a common thing we all hear of. Thanks to creators of #13ReasonsWhy who put light on such a topic which was not given importance. Such things are considered childish and foolish by the adults, but no one knows what is going on inside that vulnerable adolescent mind. How hard is it to control oneself?

Lizzie Velasquez’s achievements till date and her efforts to become an influence to the youth worldwide, actually show she was no different than a normal person. She is one of us. She was on the cheerleading squad in her high school. How normal is that?

All my words about her are just because what I saw in her was, that she never gave up. The reason which pulled her down became the reason where she is now. Befriend your weaknesses, and conquer it. Never be weighed down by the pressure testing you. It is hard for the weightlifter to lift the rod in the beginning. But when he rises up, he is welcomed with an applause.

PS Lizzie has got one of the most gorgeous hair I have ever seen.

I want to conclude today’s post by Jon Evans’ piece:

The next person you go to hurt
Or try to make feel like dirt,
Instead of trying to look cool
Feel for the guy you make look a fool.

A cool identity isn’t a need.
Let those you bully be freed.
Your identity should be your own.
A better person you will be known.

I will see you tomorrow, Dear Diary



Link to Lizzie Velasquez Documentary: http://sockshare.net/watch/yd6w4yv7-a-brave-heart-the-lizzie-velasquez-story.html


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