S01E04: World’s Best Chicken|Dear Diary|

Let the show begin.

Song of the Day: Cashmere Cat- Quit ft. Ariana Grande (DOOOOPPPEE!!)

Dear diary,

I didn’t upload a blog yesterday. It a was super hectic day.

ANYWAYYYY, it was overall a really tiring and a long day that I would not prefer to bore you with, so I decided to write about what I wanted to share with you guys.

There are so many variations by which chicken can be prepared. But the two biggest divisions of chicken are DESI and GOURMET. When we think of kadhayi chicken, butter chicken, chicken do pyaza, etc. etc. typical chicken dishes from the Dhabas, those are the ones which are loved the most, in terms of their flavors, spice, gravy, more the butter, better is the chicken, extra onions on the side, and a tandoori roti. Damn, I already have a watery mouth. That is basically the chicken one desires. But when we talk about a GOURMET chicken, we basically want art on the canvas that is the platter. Two pieces of pan-seared chicken breasts with olive oil and thyme and with some pan fried asparagus and a carrot with mashed potatoes. Are you kidding me? Where am I supposed to dip my roti in, your head? I see two chicken pieces on one side standing by supporting each other and a small mountain of mashed potatoes, and literally an entire carrot acting like a tree blocking the road.

Technically, gourmet food is more into the health of the customer and prefers to provide the essential nutrients present in the veggie. The traditional cooking and making the caramelized onions just kills the nutrient quantity within the onion. Traditional cooking shows more taste, and gourmet cooking just shows class. Last week I prepared two different kinds of chickens. One was a regular kadhayi chicken, and in starters, I prepared a Rosemary Chicken.

I bought 1 Kg of fresh meat and prepared the marinade before putting it in the pot.

For Kadhayi Chicken,

I put some curd, lemon juice, regular salt, turmeric, coriander powder, kitchen king, and some chicken mix. I pierced the washed chicken pieces with a knife and mixed them well with the hands. Set it aside for 3 hours.

For Rosemary Chicken,

Little curd, lemon juice, lemon zest, sea salt, Italian seasoning, dried rosemary, thyme leaves, a little pepper and mix well with the pieces. Set it aside for 2-3 hours.

Then I put them individually in the pressure cooker for steaming. I always steam my chicken because of that way, I get a properly cooked and tender meat which tastes super good.

After steaming the Rosemary chicken, take a small pan, put some butter and toss some rosemary and thyme in the butter to give the butter its own flavor. That way, the butter helps the rosemary infuse in the chicken for the deaper flavor profile. Cook the chicken piece by piece in the butter and sprinkle some black pepper while roasting it. You get something like this


Good? Next on to Kadhayi chicken.

Heat the wok and put some oil in it. Put long thinly sliced onions and put cumin seeds, some mustard, bay leaves, a few leaves of cardamom, cloves, turmeric, salt, pepper, red chili powder, kitchen king, and the chicken masala. Cook the entire mix and put the steamed chicken in. After the mix seems cooked, put a glass of water in it.

You get an amazing kadhayi chicken, enjoy it.

Do try these types and let me know how were they. Ask me any queries and I would love to help you.


Things are going weird lately. I don’t know exactly how to respond or how to react to it. Should I share it on my blog or just keep it to myself? All I would suggest it, whenever such a condition comes, share it with the person closest to you. Till now, I decided I should keep it to myself. Everything happens for good, and everything will be good. Trust me, everything comes out to be good.

The road might be bumpy, but the destination will be worth the pain. Enjoy the way with a smile, and never let any stone on the road affect you. You are your own biggest possession. Love yourself. 

Time to sleep, finally workout continues tomorrow morning.

I will see you tomorrow, Dear diary.



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