Story of My Life: Part 1

It is all in our head. 

The above-written phrase actually got proven today in the evening. I wanna take some time in writing this blog. A lot has been going on in my mind lately.

Song of the Day: Three Days Grace: Never Too Late

Let the show begin.

Dear diary,

Okay. Let me continue talking about my life incidences, and the developments till now. I’m 19 years old. I did my 11th and 12th grade studying Pre-Medical, dreaming of pursuing medicine in college, as one of the paths to my goals. Did I mention that I DO NOT want to be a doctor? Well, welcome to my world. It’s as strange as it could be.

All I want from my medicine college degree is the knowledge of the human body. I have always had this strong desire to know what we are made of, and what happens inside when we get sick? How to cure that, and how to prevent it? How to replenish the dead parts, and how to remain fit?

Generally, people are heard saying “I am doing engineering, but playing guitar is my interest and my hobby. It is just a small “passion”.” ….{Imagine PewDiePie making his silent face expression. Yes, that is my expression right now}

– “I’m doing medical, but I love to draw. ”

I say, I like to study the human body, but I want to cook for my career. 🙂



Yep, I am something different. Anyway, so my goal was to study the body. Sooner or later I got to know that you need to study subjects like Physics, which have no relation in the syllabus of biomedicine (though its practical usage is there, still). In the beginning, I had least interest in studying Physics. I was too against the method. I focused on biology, and I turned out pretty well in it. One year passed by, and I neglected Physics fully, and chemistry, well somewhat. I was “okayish” in Chemistry. When my 11th grade ended, I changed my Physics tutor, because the strength of the batch was like 50 students. I can not understand a word in such a crowd, talk about Physics! So I went to a retired and reputed professor, who was practicing Politics on side of teaching a group of 4-5 students. Super casual, he was least interested if the topic was getting into our brains or not. Anyway, the conditions were such that I was told to shut and I had no power or how I was feeling.

I used to be one of those kids who used to put a good first impression because I used to feel ” the First Impression is the Last Impression”. I didn’t know squat about Physics. The tutor realized some work needs to be done on me in order to get shit into my head. He used to give us his self-typed chapter notes in which his broken English was presented beautifully by displaced diagrams. Let’s not talk about how the notes were. Moving on, I felt A BIT comfortable with him, cuz I started having a LITTTTLLLEE interest in physics. My 12th grade had already begun now. The physics tutor used to listen to us every day the syllabus he taught us the previous day. Usually, nobody used to study and come. I somehow managed to rote the whole thing down. I don’t know why he used to do some kind of “partiality with me”, that if I would stammer at any small thing, he would literally throw me under the bus and thump hammers at me until I hit rock bottom. He would complain, my mom and dad, that I never studied and came without knowing. According to him, I had a casual approach. In fact, by that time, I was pretty much working super hard DAY AND NIGHT so that I could do a little bit better in my Physics. I wanted to improve. Well, when I would try to explain my side of the story, I was again, told to shut up and not “argue”.

My sister was away at college studying her MBA. I had no one around me with whom I could share what I felt. The only way I could get over this was to cry my ass out. Any psychiatrist, if consulted, would have diagnosed it to be clinical Depression. Thanks to that retired liar for throwing me in that situation. Well, what can you do? He was so confident in proving his point, maybe that’s why he went into politics.

I stopped talking to people. Literally, the whole day used to go by running through books and doodling physics problems on rough pages. All day, all night. I don’t know how much I was improving in my physics, but I definitely know that my Biology was disproving. My marks were decreasing on a daily basis. What could I do? I was already doing my best. My stress levels and depression were increasing every day. Then came the day when he crossed his limits.

I remember it was a Friday in December. His last class was on Wednesday. He gave us some notes and told us to read everything and prepare the whole thing and come to Friday. The chapter was on “waves” in my 11th grade. I had not done this chapter because when I left my first Institute, the chapter did not begin there, and when I joined this one, he was done with the chapter. I came back home and tried to read the notes, but literally, every line in his notes had mistakes, not a single word to be understood. He posted the same diagram multiple times with different labels on them. I didn’t understand a word, so I decided I will read it from my book and tell him to teach me this chapter later. On Friday, when I told him my situation, he pointed his index finger towards me and said, “You have not paid me any 11th-grade fees. If you haven’t done it, I won’t teach you.”


I politely said, “okay sir”. I simply stood up and went out. I stormed at my parents and blurted out what he had been doing ever since. Not to mention, This a**ho*e tutor was known to dad, and he didn’t even care to call him back after I left. Bro, if you got an attitude, you don’t know what’s gonna happen to you when you do this shit to me.

Then came a Gem of a person…

To be continued…

See you next night, Dear Diary.



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  1. Hey lill champ, if u ever face any such situations again….do talk to me. So what if Gunjeet is far away, i m always here for my champ.

    Good luck…👍

    Waiting for ur next edition…😝

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