Story of My Life: Part 2

Then came a gem of a person

Let the show begin.

My dad talked to a family friend about my physics situation and a dire need of a physics tutor for individual treatment. He told us about a Physics professor who teaches at home. Without a second thought, we decided to meet him and so we did. He never talked about any fee. All he wanted for me was that the topic must get into my head and perfectly. I have never seen such a teacher ever. He is the actual model of the word “Teacher”. A guru. We completed the entire year’s syllabus in about 2 months and he perfected my Physics. But wait, why are we fixating on Physics too much? Did we forget something?

My biology was nowhere. I was just trying to hold it with one sweaty hand, trying my best to prevent it from falling from the cliff. When my Boards came in, I performed quite good in all subjects, while I was pretty confident about Physics. The result came out in May, which turned out to be a big shock for all of us. I scored 94 out of 100 in Physics. All this was because of my Guru. I “managed” to score 79 each in Chemistry and Biology.

I came First in the Medical Department in my school. But all this was not required for me to get into a college. Here in India, you have to give an entrance exam is undertaken which includes physics, chemistry, and biology. It is believed by almost every Indian, that the student took medical because he already knows medicine. The merit-deciding criteria depend on how we perform in PHYSICS. No problem, I scored pretty well in my physics section in the entrance, so well that my total score was tolerable only by my physics score.

I may or may not get a good college this year, but….


To be Continued…

Goodnight Dear Diary…


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