Story of My Life: Part 3

Let the show begin.

Dear Diary,

My entrance result got declared, it was not bad, but not good. One thing was clear in my mind, that I will never drop a year and go back to that dreadful time. I started looking for colleges abroad. I saw that people having much lower score than me, were happy because they could afford a Private seat.

Before talking about the seats and stuff, let me tell you, that the ones who scored super high, get a seat worth few tens of thousand rupees, while a little low score like me, the entire package for 5 years of studies would be about 60-77 lakh rupees. Families like the one where I belong, we can’t afford to spend on all this.

Time passed by, now I could cook and do whatever I wanted to do, that the studies are over. So I started blogging to keep myself in thought and occupied every day. I started creating my dishes, started talking to my business partner who is helping me build my dream food event (will tell you soon :P). But the stress of not having a college always haunted me. I could not afford countries like USA and Australia. It is too expensive. Then I researched about Canada. It sounded quite comfortable when I got to know their fee structures.

A lot of stuff happened during that time. Not gonna bore you with that.

Something unusual happened last evening.

I just got free from my jogging session from the park. My sister called and we started talking. We started discussing how life would be if I moved to another country. Of course, it would be tough, but I am ready for it. I always wanted such a life filled with adventures. Anyway, one thing led to another, and no sooner we were talking about dropping a year. Even I realized, instead of wasting all of my parents’ hard-earned savings in a minute, I can invest my one year and maybe score better and earn a good seat in a medical college next year.

That was the day my Dentist told me that my wisdom teeth are about to erupt out. Wow. Sometimes it seems so weird how things relate to each other so well. Those teeth were actually bringing about real wisdom in me. LOL.

I’m pretty much excited to start working even harder and focus on my studies

one more time.

All this time, I realized one thing, when your voice is a bit low at the moment, try to live with the conditions and conquer, and then change them if you think they should not be the way they are. Evey one has a voice which can be raised but to a certain level. Never give up on your dreams by getting conscious about reality. Convert those dreams into reality and then realize how satisfying it becomes when it gets done. Don’t separate your dreams from reality. Merge them together. But of course, everything happens on its own time.

I know I hate physics, but later we ended up pretty well. If I can do it, so can you. God has decided everything for you. Trust me, everything will end up so good, and so different than you intended. But I guess that is the true essence of life.

Maybe this new chapter in my life has something good in it.

(Deep Breath)

I am now ready to take this step. I will invest my one year. That is why I intended to divide this one piece into 3 different blogs, on three different days. It is gonna be tough being away from all social media, but I’m more focused than ever. I was so focused on NOT going ahead with dropping a year, that now if this dropping “bug” has bitten me, it has happened for a reason.

Nothing is final yet. I may or may not get a college this year. I may or may not settle abroad for the next few years. Let’s go with the flow.

See you next year, probably Dear Diary.

Thanks to all my lovely readers and I hope I’m delivering what you like. I hope my content is making your brain tingle to do more and more every day. Thank you all for the constant support.

Signing off with a positive note

We don’t have to be ordinary
Make your best mistakes
‘Cause we don’t have the time to be sorry
So baby be the life of the party
I’m telling you to take your shot it might be scary
Hearts are gonna break
‘Cause we don’t have the time to be sorry
So baby be the life of the party

Goodnight 🙂



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