The Comeback

“Nothing in the world is worth having or worth doing unless it means effort, pain, difficulty… I have never in my life envied a human being who led an easy life. I have envied a great many people who led difficult lives and led them well.” 

                                         -Theodore Roosevelt.

But what if it doesn’t lead them well? What if they keep working on something which doesn’t have an end, and they’re not even able to enjoy the result of what they have invested in their entire life? Was all that pain worth it?


Let the show begin.

Dear diary,

Finally, I can say I won’t be struggling with “nothing”, anymore. A lot happened over the previous year. I learned a lot. Finally met some genuine humans and not mere burros of the herd.

Last year had it’s own ups and downs. I joined an institute for the prep of my college entrance test. This year was the opposite of the previous 2 years of extreme struggle for nothing, in terms of studies. I was now studying the focus subjects under one roof, no grapple of running from one location to the other, everything in order and I used to come back home timely for revisions. Made new friends. Finally met some legitimately real people. Well, that’s what I thought they were. Some. Nobody is the same. They’re unique in their own way. There are all kinds of people. This article is nothing about them. It’s about what I learned this whole year.

This new chapter in my life started with the fear of competition, which I’m not good at. That quick hallucination of everybody running with the speed of light for one thing, and I, just sitting and watching them pass by, reminded of my condition 2 years ago. It didn’t take much time for me to return to normalcy and realize, this time I’m gonna fight for my medal too. I was aware of what I had been through and was clear about what I am here for. I started working. It was one of the hardest times yet, but I knew I was on the right path because things stopped being easy.

I know where I went wrong. I realized I neglected to revise what was easy and went on to practice what was tough, which I ended up in complete failure. I started to focus on important stuff since Day 1. I improved in my Biology, but as always, Physics and Chemistry just didn’t register in my head. ’cause of my developed interest in Physics, I could still do better in that subject. Things went on, and the Day of the test came. It felt as if time passed by with it’s mightiest speed and took all the memories with it.

Moments spent with my friends were a mixed-bag of happiness, joy, laughter, love, sorrow, care, and compassion. We were there for each other all the time. They helped me, I helped them. It was different with them. Reminded me of the times when I was in school. No care of who thinks what, everybody was real to their best, just the presence of best friends and it was the best time ever. Ever since I passed out of my school, I hardly saw anyone like that. I saw reality for the first time two years ago. I got acclimatized with my surroundings when I met these 8 crazy people.


Every single one was unique in their own way. Thanks, guys, for helping me survive another year. Thanks for being a part of this endless journey of life. Thanks for lightening up the place which would be as dark as a dungeon without you. I wish, and I know, that each of you will definitely be somewhere you’re meant to be, somewhere resides your ultimate smile and satisfaction and peace.

Another thing I learned this while, was that stress leads you nowhere but in a negative direction, a direction exactly opposite to your path. Never choose it. It’s true. It can lead you to all kinds of crap and I’ve experienced it. Don’t let it affect you, don’t let it worsen you, or anyone else, or the relationship between you and anyone else. Stress can harm you physically, mentally, psychologically, and in intense cases, can just ruin your soul. Sometimes when things are falling apart, they may actually be falling into place.

Don’t overthink, especially about something which went wrong. Life is as imperfect as it can be and let it be. It was the past. Don’t let it sabotage your present or future. Learn from it and move on. Never repent of what you did. Plan on what can you do to make it better and go ahead.

Age is literally, just a number. Learning has no age at all. Start whenever you feel the spark to do it. Never consider yourself as a failure if your surrounding people are younger than you. Think about those drug addicts digging their own graves. You stood up and challenged yourself to be one of whom everyone wants to be. Congratulate yourself that you got the courage to do that. Nothing else counts, but your experience, your knowledge, and what you learn.

Consider yourself as your first priority. Ultimately, you will be there with yourself when nobody will be around. You don’t work for respect from the society. You don’t work just to own a degree. You work for your development, for your survival, for your ambitions. You work for what you were born to do. You work to prove that your role in this world is vital.

Smile. It goes a long way. Your smile is really, really precious. To your parents, to your partner, to you.

You’ve got what it takes

                                                          -You Can Have Success

Goodnight, dear diary…




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