Never Have I Ever

Grab yourself some water, or coke, or whatever you prefer to drink these days. Gin? Whiskey? Cool. You’re around 19, right? Great! Grab some of that and let’s start this article.

  1. Never Have I Ever Drunk alcohol:
    Okay, maybe when I was little kid I might have had once. You know it if you’re dad likes alcohol and one on family get-together he picks you up and on the dance floor offers you a sip, like that. Every dad does that and it’s normal. Cool. Today, I’m 20. Deepest, darkest confession: yes, I sometimes feel like having one, just to know what the hype is all about. Why people younger than me are considering a bottle of beer+ (some kind of) a shot+ whiskey consider that finally, it felt a little satisfied. Why stressed out teens “sometimes” desire for nothing but a strong glass of booze and loud music, hoping their stresses will decrease. Why is controlling this demon in them so difficult? Why does teenage demand ecstasy and euphoria only via powdery non-sense? Does getting together with old friends mean to get high, or to talk and catch up?
  2. Never Have I Ever Smoked:
    And never will I ever. Not afraid of cancer, but afraid of the passive smoker sitting beside me, happy that he doesn’t smoke. But the fumes I’m exhaling,  are getting mixed with the air he/she is inhaling, and they might get affected in a worse way, who knows? That’s scary. Nah!! Bad habit.
    Agreed that alcohol is all right to drink. Who in the world encouraged you to take a pump from their cigarette? Got dreams to achieve? You must be following major influencers on Instagram to check their quotes. One of the most common I go through is that “Success automatically comes with the kind of people you talk to.” I don’t think you must be working on being a vaping artist. Maybe one in a million, by the way, kudos to your lungs. I wouldn’t prefer anyone to pursue a job in the smoking field. I don’t know what kind of dreams you’re carrying in your brain, I’m just saying.
    Not one of them? Good for you. This is my opinion and I stand by it. #PeacefulSmile
  3. Never Have I Ever Consumed/Supplied drugs:
    Did you know, Weed does not cause cancer. It kills cancer. Well, that’s what I heard from someone. Someone who is, assumably already consuming it in awe of its wonder “benefit”. I don’t even feel like talking or writing about it, while some, because of obvious reasons, love it. I think this much is enough for putting guilt in you, dear consumer. Stop it. You’re not mature enough to handle things like this, I know. If you want to experience life, try to stay sober and see the weird world around you, than yourself lost in your own hallucinations.
  4. Never Have I Ever Changed myself:
    Taking a sip myself, yes, I have. Looking at the people around me, I have changed myself by accepting reality. Some of those who shared tiffin boxes in the school breaks have started sharing glasses of whiskey, cigarettes, and bottles of beer. I see them in shock as to what happened to traumatic in their life, that they have to resort to such things in order to attain happiness. Yes, I have changed. I haven’t lost my friends to these things. Those who consume all this weren’t my friends, and never will they be. But I know one thing that deep under the deposited ashes, lay my true friends’ souls who want to get out of it, but they can’t. I might as well accept their loss and move on. I will change again.


Happy adulting, guys…



  1. Proud of you my child. God bless you with loads of happiness. I wish every youth to hv such type of feelings to make their parents proud.


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