About Writer’s Block (Life Update)

Convert unproductivity into productivity…

Let the show begin.

Dear diary,

Been a long time since I wrote about anything. The writer’s block was real. So I thought of writing about itself… What could be a better way of killing the block?

So, I met with an accident 2 weeks ago. I was coming back home from some work with my dad on a two-wheeler. We entered the sector while a car in front of us was taking a turn. Dad suddenly hit the breaks and the scooter lost control. It lost balance and slid on the road. I was sitting behind, because of which my knee got stuck between the scooter trunk and the road, which resulted in soft tissue injuries, and dad got bruises on his arm. Honest opinion? I never suggest anyone use a two-wheeler. Not even dad. But when something has to happen to you, time will take you there no matter how many precautions you take. We came back home, took the car and headed to the hospital. On the way, I called my mum up to reach the emergency building when she gets free from the college (she’s a lecturer). Dad had bruises on his right forearm so the team cleaned the wound and dressed it with a crépe bandage. I had injuries on my right knee and minor bruises on my arm too. Both were dressed and I was sent to the X-ray room. The injuries were painful before this time. Now, because of the dressings, it felt stable. Dad is a doctor of medicine in the same hospital, hence we were given personal attention via the staff. The orthopedician is dad’s friend, so he took care of the injury minutely. The soft tissues in the knee-joint area were ruptured, which need to be 100% cured. Luckily the X-ray report did not suggest a serious damage, so I was safe from a long-term treatment. The doctor suggested immobilization of the entire right leg for two weeks until any changes later.

“I barely started playing lawn tennis after 5 years of downtime, and now this happened. My college initiation date is around the corner. I need to be fine at least at this time.” This thought kept bugging me while I was actually smiling and laughing when mom was clicking my picture while the Plaster being prepared.

In the beginning, two weeks didn’t sound much. Thought it would pass super fast. But believe me, it was the longest time ever. As heavenly a place the bed is, as lovely naps seem to be, I got tired of sleeping all day doing nothing but watching Jane The Virgin on my phone. It had been 3 years since I watched TV, so I didn’t consider reactivating my TV service. For about 2 days mom and dad were around me. But they have their jobs to go to and that’s important too. I didn’t let them stay back just because of me. So mum decided to get the TV shifted to my room. I plugged in the Chromecast and it was good to go. Fine. Jane The Virgin on TV. Honestly, I was able to smile and laugh only because of the telenovela drama between Rafael, Jane, Micheal and Petra (Natalia 😂). Unproductivity levels came over the top. I was in a mood to do absolutely nothing. Trust me, maybe it wasn’t the fracture which kept me low. It was the low self-confidence to not being able to do anything because of being bedridden. And this is all right, believe me!

Everybody has their time of going through the crest in the graph that is life. The way up to the trough might seem slow, but you will definitely make it out of the vicious cycle. Very few people know of my vulnerability, but if I can bring myself out of it, I believe anybody can turn the frown upside down. Just think of those who have to live like this for the rest of their lives. That does not mean they stop living. You need to find the way out on your own. And I know somehow you will find the right path towards light.

So, after one week of the accident, one evening when mum came back from work, I asked her if we could go out to the mall for a bit. We got ready and headed out. Getting out of the house after 7 days was absolutely different than normal times- I kept appreciating what all I could see and cherished that moment. We went to the mall, did some shopping and had dined out as well. The only problem I faced was using the stairs, but even that ended soon when the experienced friends told me how to get up the stairs without exerting much.

It is important to believe in destiny and the ways of life. It is essential to go with the flow without reacting much to the problem. I learned this message a while back and trust me, when you stop reacting, you give yourself a lot of peace to the mind. Don’t be sad if something bad happens to you. Solve the problem and try to move on as much as possible. If you succeed in something, smile and work on doing more. Don’t let the cloud of success make you float in the air. Stay on the ground and remain within your limits. Small things like these take you a long way and reflect on your personality most of the times.

My healing has been quite fast, thank God for it. My Plaster got off exactly after two weeks, and now I have started walking slowly with the help of knee braces. Thanks to the wonderful wishes given to me by my wellwishers. A new chapter is about to begin in my life. I’m taking some pages of this chapter with me. All the things I have learned this while will benefit me in this major chapter. It’s going to be a hard task entering a new world, but it will be worth the experience. Not thinking much of the outcome, I’ll prefer to be in the moment and enjoying every bit of it.

See you in the next article, dear diary ♥


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  1. Get well soon. Drafting an article is not easy job, it require lot of knowledge to match proper words at proper place.writings on various matter make the practice a perfect. God bless you and wish you for the bright future ahead


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