College Life Begins!

We’ve only just begun to live
White lace and promises
A kiss for luck and we’re on our way

-The Carpenters

Let the show begin.

With eyes of hope, a heavy heart, a head held high, feet to move on, hands holding my bags, I left my home, bidding farewell to all the memories spent in my room- the ones filled with laughter, tears, thoughts, plans, and dreams.

I had no expectations of what is on my way. But I was prepared that I’m going to accept whatever may come, with a smile and open arms. I guess that’s the way to live, right? Have no expectations, and you will be happy with the smallest of things. And in the first week spent in college, I have realized that this rule should be the prime thing to follow when you go to college. Let’s begin with what happened this week.

I had already seen the college on the day when I came to fill the admission forms. I was already in love with the campus, situated on a hilltop in Solan, Himachal. The weather is just perfect out there. After the final filling, I was alotted with my hostel room. I met my friend, Avachi during the orientation and she was as excited to join in as I was. I reached my hostel and met my roommate, and believe me, I couldn’t have wished for a better one. The boys got the faculty flats because the new hostel is still under construction. So we will be moving there later.

It was all new for me- staying away, independent living, college life, new friends, new studies… It wasn’t easy. My roommate settled his things but had to go back for 2 days. I was alone that day. It was hard at first, obviously. But I told myself that this was going to happen and I should feel all right with it. And so I did. After setting the room, I made myself comfy on the bed, grabbed my novel and continued where I left it. Soon, it was time for dinner. I was so particular about time, that day because I did not want to get late on the first day. Set the alarm for 6 AM, brushed my teeth, took out my clothes for the day, and went off to sleep. I realized the difference between sleeping at home and sleeping outside. You’re much aware of the surroundings when you’re on your own. At home, you sleep like a baby- carefree, without a worry, and most importantly, the sleep isn’t time-bound. It was such an unsound sleep, that I kept getting up after every few hours. I woke up before the alarm struck, turned it off and started getting ready. In about an hour or so, I was surprised to see my roomie come back. That’s how the day started.

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It took me the welcoming lectures by the heads of the various departments of the college, to get familiarized with the college. The introductions by the students got me acquainted with each one of them. I made friends with my neighboring flatmates, and we became an awesome circle. I finally started fitting in, making me feel safe in the new environment. I lost track of time with the speeches, and we headed back to the hostel for lunch. I went back to my room and called up mom, telling her about the experience. I was also just a phone call away for my mood to get twisted 180 degrees.

I had also applied for a college in another state, who’s counseling had been blocked due to some governmental issues. It was about to happen the next day. We were well aware of it but were doubtful of attending it. I was clear with my decision of staying back and spending the next 5 years here itself. But there’s always something going in the parents’ minds so that we kids don’t face any scarcity of opportunities. So my mom told me to pack my things up, as my dad was on his way to pick me up. It was essential for the candidate to appear before the counseling committee, because of which I had to take a leave for Day 2. With a heavy heart, I got it sanctioned. I was finally starting to fit in, now I did not want to face that mini-phase again. There was not a single benefit of going to that second college. After the entire introduction day, at around 4, we left for home. It took us barely 1.5 hours to reach. And with the beautiful 360 scenery of the mountains along with the long talks about college, we had no clue that we were already home. I could easily come back every weekend, as I am writing from home right now. We were supposed to leave super early the next day. The venue of counseling was an easy 5.5 hours away. We did all the preparations, and were ready by dinner time, when I received a message from the counseling committee, saying that it has been delayed by 1 day, due to the sad demise of the former CM of Tamil Nadu. The frustration was real. I did not want to miss even one day of college. So I took my taxi back to the college the next early morning. After hours, I took the bag again, and rode off to home, AGAIN.

You must be understanding the pain in my vein I must be having at that moment. At this point, I want you to know why I did want to go/ it didn’t make sense, going there:

  1. It was much more expensive
  2. Being 5 hours away, there was no way that I could come back home on weekends
  3. The faculty is much much much better in my current college, that I wouldn’t even think of going anywhere else
  4. I did not want to face the moving phase again
  5. I had already made friends here. It’s not easy to let go so quickly
  6. etc etc etc!!!

That night, right before sleeping, my parents realized all the points and came to a conclusion that we will not go to the counseling. Even though the traveling stress was already on, I was satisfied with the decision, because I could go back to college now. I packed up my things accordingly, and in the morning, I went back off to college. It is not at all as peaceful as it sounds. Even though being barely 1.5 hours away, it’s not easy coming up and down between two states every single day.

We had the hospital tour, the college tour, and in no time I fell in love with everything that was there. Honestly speaking, studying medicine was always a dream for me. I remember I used to go with my dad to his conferences, and the lectures by the esteemed doctors always seemed music to me. The same happened in the introduction sessions by all the subject HODs. It was like I am a music enthusiast, and the professors- the musicians. The harmony of the orchestra blew over me and left me in awe. I am so excited to learn so many new things here! Dreams are turning into reality here!

Believe me. Trust me. Never leave your dreams behind. Even if you’re stuck somewhere today, it is because that situation is dusting off the coal from the diamond that is you. In the end, you will be groomed and polished enough to shine brightly. And if you think you don’t have any dreams as of yet. Keep working. Keep trying new things. God will definitely show you your path, and you wouldn’t even remember the time you started struggling. Success will take you so ahead, that working hard will become a part of you and your personality. Each step I took towards my institute, I kept getting flashbacks of the past, when I used to make my bucket lists, plan out passion projects, spent time thinking and learning, kept living life and accepting everything that came in my way. The final step I took to enter my college on Day 1 made me enter a doctor’s world.

Life’s about to change

Time to pack up this article, as well as my bags. Gotta leave early for college tomorrow. That is it for today, dear diary…

See you next week [kiss emoji]



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