Another Hue…

As I saw the sun set from the window across the reading room in my college library,

I saw another shade of orange.

The day was ending giving me

Another color in the sky,

just like every other day living on my own. Unique.

In every way.

A new challenge, everyday.

A new experience, everyday.

A new friend, every day.

A new lesson, everyday.

But as I start moving towards the window, my work pulls me back to the chair.

The thought of not being able to live the sunset kills me.

I fall in a delusional situation between work and life.

But there’s a voice.

Deep within me.

Saying this work won’t last long.

And after I’m done with it, there will be sun again.

There will be another shade in the sky for me to see.

Another hue to gaze at.

Another night for me to stare in the infinite space.

I will be satisfied that day.

And that’s not just me.

This voice lives in every one of us.

All we need is the will to listen to it, and



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