Let the show begin

Hi! Welcome to BaandarTube. I’m Harsh 🙂

Many of you guys must be here to check out what I mentioned in the excerpt. Well, I must say that I am a part of the “Clickbait” Generation. I’m not here to share any kind of gossip. But here to prove a point.

Had I posted every gossip, what good it would have done to you? Probably nothing.

IMG_20181021_182835 (1)

These are a few people who inspired me to write this post. I was coming back to college on a bus when the passengers saw the usual quarrel in two people, arguing who’s car hit whom. When the entire crowd deviated to the fight, I realized at that very moment how unnecessary it is to bother yourself and the other person just to know what they’re talking about, when you don’t even know who they are.

Now, rewind back about 2 minutes when you decided INSTANTANEOUSLY to click on the link to this article. Had you made such INSTANEOUS decisions about your life, it would have been worlds apart. Why regret later when you can think about yourself at the moment

Decisions are made in an instant- Good, and bad. Most decisions are made looking into the practicality of the situation. What lives inside us is fear. Fear that our real dreams can never be practical. That those kingdoms drawn in the kindergarten will remain above the clouds. We start feeling that we have a face in the society and we have to maintain it by being something usual or something which everybody expects from us to be. What we forget is our capability. Even if we survive up to our teenage thinking about our ambitions, we are made to think the way we are “supposed to think”. If you are able to relate to the above lines, believe me. You are not alone. And I am here to save you from that dark space.

I myself have been in a turmoil between dreams and reality. I was not able to differentiate between working and preparing to work. Sooner or later I realized that every single thing in your life is relative. The more you do, the more you get. And simultaneously, the more you skill over it. I was confused either to study business and open up my own food truck or to study medicine and be a psychiatrist. Both are my future passion projects. But I guess you can go into business even if you’re not an MBA. But you can’t practice psychiatry without the prefix of “Dr” before your name. So I thought or made myself believe, that there will be a time when I will be taking care of both the things. In order to reach that kingdom on the cloud, I should be building my base slowly and steadily and it will be in no time when I will be enjoying the view from up there. Believe me, if you take some time out for yourself and sort things out, you won’t need help from anyone. All you need is you, and your 100% attention to what you’re going through.

Dreams will turn into reality only if we work for them, and not just think about them. 

Introspection is something many people find hard to practice. But it exists within them. Instead of working towards themselves, they become silent and wait for the moment to pass. I hope you don’t belong to that section. Even if you do, it’s never too late to see the good side about you.

Give yourself some time. It’s not important to talk about the usual all the time. Get out of your usual zone, somewhere you find yourself as your companion, and your silence- the topic of the day.

That’s all I have for tonight, dear diary…



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