Happy New Year 2019!

It’s already been one week since the year has begun. Most of the bloggers, YouTubers, etc have already posted their wishes and resolutions and stuff online. I haven’t been regular on my blog since quite a while. I had exams, mood swings, and all kinds of excuses to prove that I chose an unproductive side of me. Do I have anything to say about how 2018 was for me? Yes, I do.

2018 had it’s own ups and downs for me. Taking a look back at the memory lane, or in other words, scrolling through my backup pictures on google photos, here are some of the things I’d like to acknowledge:

  1. Went to a dog show for the first time. It was the best de-stressing exercise ever.
  2. Made real special friends during the drop-year, and hoped to stay in touch with them. I did. PS, do you see that guy? (pic 2) I had no idea who he was exactly one year ago. And in today’s date, he is the one I trust my life over. DAMN!!
  3. Realized literally each and every friend of mine drinks, and I don’t even know how 5% alcohol tastes like.
  4. I ended my drop year and finally got into a medical school, and chose to be a doctor.
  5. Went for a one-day rejuvenation to New Delhi after my medical college entrance exam. On the same day, my sister came back to India from her training. So it was the best of both worlds. Damn peaceful.
  6. Went for a solo trek early in the morning while it was drizzling over the hills. Surreal
  7. Sent off my oldest best friends to college (they’re one year younger to me. both of them. Because of my drop year, we three went to our colleges together.)
  8. Became a foster parent of a roadside puppy dog while she was getting adopted. I have a lot to say about this experience. A separate blog coming soon.
  9. Got my knee ruptured by falling from a two-wheeler. Gotta say, always drive a two-wheeler safely!! Or sit behind the driver cautiously.
  10. Officially started college life, made amazing friends and got the best roommate I could ever wish for.
  11. Got stranded in a village while coming to college after a short vacation. #SOS
  12. Realized moving on is a major part of life, and I should embrace it. So I tried to move on from what my past experiences suggest, finally true love.
  13. Attended the opening day of Starbucks Chandigarh!!! Yes, they’re home!
  14. Drove alone early in the morning to the Capitol Complex and saw the iconic Open Hand Monument. Worth a watch
  15. Made a new little friend in college. I fed him biscuits and milk for about two days, never saw him after that.
  16. Finally went for a family trip to Kerala over Christmas. One of the best and most beautiful trips ever. A lot to share about my experiences there. A separate blog for that super soon.

WOW! Taking back at the entire year actually made me think this year wasn’t a bad one! It was pretty much filled with uncountable lessons of life which are changing me every day. Last year was a major year including a major step towards my future, lifestyle, change of living place, so much more. I learned so much and I still have been learning from my past experiences.

I was really unproductive and wasn’t in a place to write or express what my heart was feeling at that point. We all have that one moment in life when we are at the utmost vulnerable state and we speak without taking into consideration its repercussions. My past experiences have taught me enough in relation to this feeling. Give yourself the time to cope up with the mental exhaustion. Tell yourself that it is your own self, who can keep you happy. Learn to be happy for yourself. And that’s what I have learned in the recent past. Before coming out loud, without thinking over how a person might respond to your words, ask yourself if you’re doing the right thing. If it isn’t, give yourself time. It can take you way ahead and will maintain your inter-personal peace. Now that I am writing about it, I feel peaceful within.

It’s Okay…

2018 has been a rough ride. Well, who likes a smooth pace?

Got a lot of things to plan out, a lot of work to sort out, a lot of thoughts to settle. I can definitely say that I am working on something major and I am going to take baby steps for its completion. Super excited for it! Got so much to write about, so many experiences to share! A lot of content is about to come, so STAY TUNED!!!

If you had a rough year, work on making this year a smoother one, with greater ups and lesser downs. If it was a smooth year for you, get out of your comfort zone and work for making your life worth living! It is inside you, all you need to do is dig deep within and find the real adventurer looking for the hidden soul filled with life. Believe me, that is a treasure worth searching for.

Until next time, Dear Diary



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