My Bucket List| Harsh Trehan

Hey everyone! It’s been super long that I’ve laid my hands on the keyboard. I’ve been meaning to write and share so much that has happened in the recent past, but I never got the right time or there was something or the other which came in my way to connect to you guys. I’m still undergoing many challenges right now, but something just struck me that made me open my laptop and here I am. There are moments, you see, when sometimes you just get a vibe and you wanna do it right away, right? So turning on some jazz music in the background, turning down the lights in my room to a bit down low, here comes my topic of the night- “My Bucket List”

Every one of us dreams of something or the other. We all think of something we don’t have, and wish to have that thing in future. Something which we work towards, or something to keep in our mind to make ourselves keep working harder each day. I’ve had such similar dreams in my mind, and have securely made their place in my journal. But tonight, I thought of maybe, sharing it. Maybe we might have similar ones. Maybe we might meet each other when we meet there. So here comes my first Bucket List item:

1) Attend TomorrowLand/ The Burning Man

Actually, both. Yes, definitely both! So if you, dear reader, are not aware what TomorrowLand is, it is an electronic music festival where the top DJ artists of the world come up with their craziest pieces and put up a magical show. Music lovers from all over the world unite in that fest and lose themselves into the world of magic and wonders. All day, all night its music and dance and all kinds of food. Something which I can work my ass off for. FOOD!!! Lots and Lots of food!!! TomorrowLand takes place for one week, once a year. It takes place somewhere in Belgium, not sure where exactly. But a new festival of TomorrowLand Winter has started in march Every year in France. Either way, attending it will always be primary in my bucket list. Combine it with my friends and that would just be the icing on the cake.

The Burning Man!! Ah yes! Definitely gonna be a major thing to see and attend. The Burning Man is an annual event in the western United States at Black Rock City – a temporary city erected in the Black Rock Desert of northwest Nevada, approximately 100 miles north-northeast of Reno.
A unique and distinctive culture emerges from the Burning Man experience. Rooted in the values expressed by the Ten Principles, this culture is manifested around the globe through art, communal effort, and innumerable individual acts of self-expression. To many, it is a way of life. Why I wanna attend The Burning Man is because of it’s culture of self-expression and art. The installations in the Black Rock City can be made up by the people themselves and it all becomes a collective event. There are stalls where people are serving food, not for money, just for self- satisfaction. It is all free inside and the vibe is real. People come up with unique ideas and form-up their own mobiles in which they ride through the city. Something which I will always look forward to attend and take part.

This is TomorrowLand
Black Rock City
The Burning Man

2) Skydive over Palm Beach, Dubai

Yes!! A hundred times yes! I’ve seen so many videos of people jumping off the plane and losing themselves in the air. What looks like super scary, it is even more satisfying when you jump off the cliff. Skydiving is the epitome of confronting your fears and overcoming them. And jumping over the palm Jumeirah, Dubai would give that extra lavish view. Imagining how I would feel at that moment gives me goosebumps.

Something Like this

3) Parachute skiing and Speed Flying

The perfect locations for these would be Italy, Spain, and Switzerland. The alps are the Apt location for such a thrilling experience. Do check out the Red Bull YouTube Channel, where they go to high peaks and begin the most satisfying adventure of a lifetime. They portray the art of adventure sports so beautifully that you feel like it doing it yourself. The thrill of actually being able to fly across the alps makes me want to work every single day until I see myself in that flying suit.


4) Travel Europe and America

Those narrow streets of Italy, French cuisine, Swiss Alps and chocolates instigate me to always plan a trip to these beautiful countries filled with tradition, color, architecture, FOOD, and of course, nature. I’ve always wanted to experience the French music in the background, The Eiffel Tower in the foreground, a glass in my hand, and a beautiful table set for the late evening dinner. Now that would be a perfect view.

By America, I meant the continent. From the vibrant morning in Rio de Janeiro, the sunny afternoons in Machu Pichu, a relaxing sunset at the California Beach, to an all nighter in Las Vegas. American cuisine is all around the globe, but some things remain native and that’s what I long to experience.

Feeling All Types of Ways watching this pic

5) Attend Wimbledon/ Australian Open

To those who might not know, I am a huge sports enthusiast. Especially lawn tennis. I’ve been playing this sport since quite long and I wish to continue the interest. One day, with my fellow tennis enthusiast friends, when I will be able to make enough money, I would definitely like to watch Novak Djokovic hit an ace at the centre court in Wimbledon Open.

6) Star in a Hollywood Movie

All right! This is a legit “independent post” worthy topic. I was actually about to start a series called “Drunk Thoughts” in which I was planning to write about my craziest ideas and plans for my future. The first episode was to feature my dream to star in a Hollywood movie. And not any ordinary one, a movie for MARVEL CINEMATIC UNIVERSE! Subtle, right? Right… I have even researched about whom I would be auditioning. All that Hero’s characteristics, and powers, and co-incidentally it matches a lot with me. I wont disclose, cuz what if I get the part? Bwahahahah. Research about Brother Voodoo on your own… Okay shut up Harsh.


7) Own a Big house

That’s definitely gonna happen. After all these extra and international dreams, I need a place to come back. A big house, where I can keep everything for my parents, a backyard where they can relax and have their weekly massages; a front yard where the dog would be running around, chasing butterflies; an open rooftop with an open kitchen, where I could call up my folks and have a barbecue by the side of a bonfire. My parents have and are still putting in their entire lives on me. It would be my honor to give even 1% of it back to them. One day, I will. And I am sure you would too, dear young reader.

In Conclusion

We dream not to achieve something, but to work towards achieving it. And if we work, it won’t take long for us to live those dreams too! So dear friend, work. Work as much as you can. Push yourself to the opposite edge of your comfort zone and success will follow your footsteps. I hope I am trying to convey my point via this post. 🙂

How did you like some of the items of my bucket list? Anything in common? Comment down below! Anything you would like to share with us? Comment down below!! Any views? COMMENT DOWN BELOW!!! I’d love to hear back from you. Wanna know what others dream of. Let’s have a deeper conversation in my next article, shall we? Till then, It is me, Harsh, signing off.

Goodnight, dear diary



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