Welcome to the small world which links my heart, mind and my soul. Check out my crazy things and I hope you like them. Share them with your people if you relate to them… ♥ I love content creating and it has become a part of me which I will never give up. Other than this, I write, I’m a medical student, future psychiatrist, and I love to cook and paint. So all of my creative colors will be thrown on this canvas that is this blog and I will make sure that I give my 100% to the content I post. Check out my weekly articles and join me on this journey trying to discover myself in this complex world. You can follow this site and keep in touch with updates.

Do whatever you want to do, just do it honestly and be truest to yourself. Believe me, it will take you a long way. Trust yourself before anyone and treat yourself as the best person you’ve ever met. I can guarantee that you will be the happiest person in the world. Be proud of yourself for reaching wherever you are right now.


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