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Harsh Trehan

Hi. I am Harshdeep Singh Trehan, and I'm an untrained young cook and my first love is food... I recently fell in love with the art of writing. I am a Medical Student, a future psychiatrist and I love to paint. I make up millions of plans for the future but I don't actually get any time to make them happen. But life has just begun and its gonna be great. Join me on my journey and lets enjoy life and be happy about it.. :) #peace #LoveAll


Mujhe bhi bataa, pyaar dhoondhne ki wajaah Mai bhi jaanu yeh kaisa nasha hai Kyu raste par akela chalna rok diya tune Kyu wahi rasta kisi ke saath chalne ki kasam khaana chaahta hai tu Aisa bhi kya hua ki tujhe usi mei manzil, aur usi mei rasta bhi mil gaya Aisa bhi kya hua ki tujhe uski kami se chalna bhi dushwar laga Par agar mai kahu, pata mujhe bhi hai Jaanu woh zarurat, jaanu mai woh dard Jo kabhi mil na saka, jo kabhi dekh na saka Yaad… Read more Wajaah

Happy New Year 2019!

It’s already been one week since the year has begun. Most of the bloggers, YouTubers, etc have already posted their wishes and resolutions and stuff online. Do I have anything to say about how 2018 was for me? Yes, I do.