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Waiting for The Sunrise

It’s quite dark right now. Pitch darkness, and im not able to see or feel anything but myself. It’s hard to find the right path when you are walking during this time. Dont walk much, take a break and wait for the sunrise. I see the moon rising, hoping it would guide me and help me walk, but it’s dimness dominates over that little ray of hope. Yes, there were times when there was a full moon, but the most unfortunate part was when the darkest clouds accumulated over you… Read more Waiting for The Sunrise

The Wrong Book

I was reading this story which the whole world was reading and following. It was not like any ordinary story which usually people read. It was different. It was hard to understand it. Was hard to comprehend and predict what would come next. Well maybe you think that’s the main part of the story, but believe me, this story was not easy going. Every page had its own role in it, every paragraph was supposed to be remembered by the reader, every chapter had its own level of understanding. Many… Read more The Wrong Book